Here We Go Again… 🔫

This isn’t about what you think it’s about…

This isn’t about the 2nd amendment

This isn’t about the right to bear arms.

This is not about freedom, America, or any other soft serving, narrow minded lip service being echoed by lobbyist, the NRA, conservatives and all the “avid” hunters who use military grade weaponry to kill animals for sport.

This is about mental illness.

This is about alcoholism and addiction.

This is about background checks, seeing & saying something, and not being the most heavily armed nation in the universe. 

Our biggest threats are cyber, but we still have people prepping for the end of days. 

You really think a 10 gallon drum of water, some MRE’s, and a mini arsenal of weapons(that you can only shoot one at a time btw) is gonna save you from an apocalyptic event, or a military level insurgency of the magnitude any local, state or government agency can unleash?

Lets stop living in the past and lets start living in the present.

Folks are still taking the bible verbatim. 

I mean really, when was the last time you met someone who lived to be a few hundred years old?? Exactly.

It was probably the last time you saw a guy fully loaded with a shooting gallery of weapons use it for anything other than some bat shit crazy massacre.

I’m a parent, I’m a son. A friend. Someone who has gone to nightclubs, school, a movie theatre, a place of worship, and every other place where these tragedies have taken place.

There is no excuse for this. It is coming closer and closer to home, if it has not already landed at your front door. 

I have lived my entire live roaming this earth completely free to go anywhere I want at any time. I’ve been to the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world, and some of the poorest most dangerous neighborhoods in the world, and I have never feared for my life. 

I have never been afraid that at any moment someone will barge in and shoot the place up. I still don’t fear that. But as a parent, I am fearing for my son who is out in the world. For my Goddaughters, for my friends and family, and all those on the planet who are victims of senseless violence.

So how do we address?

It’s simple. Guns!

I had a conversation with a friends yesterday and what I stumbled upon was this….

In the world we live in there are procedures put in place for us to acquire what we now consider basic necessities.

If you want utilities turned on at your home you have to be in good standing. Pay your bill, use the resources responsibly.

If you want a place to live you have to fill out an application, run credit and possibly background check. Pay a deposit and various things to protect the landlord.

If you want a phone, most companies run a soft credit check. 

If you want a car, you have to pass a drivers test, maintain proper insurance, get approved for a loan to finance your car, or afford your down payment, or pay for it outright and be able to maintain it.

But for items that are not necessary to the lives we live in 2018, there is ZERO procedures put in place to stockpile. 

A car is a deadly weapon if not used properly, which is why there are laws in place to protect you and those around you.

Why not with guns? 

I am not saying they should be outlawed. I do believe there are true enthusiasts and hunters, but I think there are way fewer than advertised.

I think there are mostly a bunch of blowhards who think firearms are a way of supplement their manhood. 

It’s like the guy who lives in a big city who drives the biggest 4×4 you’ve ever seen, on monster truck tires and shining rims and a Monster energy sticker, that hasn’t and never will see a spec of dirt.

Compensate much???

It’s on you to do with your resources what you want, but this goes to my view that are priorities as a nation and people is so misplaced.

We will spend millions, thousands and hundred on luxuries, and never once give a dollar to the homeless man starving. We will pay to travel thousands of a miles to do “mission” work in the name of who ever, but never would we go to the neighborhood just a stones throw from out comforts and help those in need. 

It’s fucking pathetic.

So lets get back to guns…..

What the “Right” will  say to this….”Well look what’s going on in Chicago or Baltimore.”

Jesus Christ. What a broken record. We get it. There’s gun violence there.

But that doesn’t excuse the mass shootings taking place with a frequency that has become epidemic. 

Again, no one is saying lets take guns.

We’re saying that there has to be systems in place to make sure that they are going to folks who are responsible and mentally sound. And that have the resources in place to keep them safe where they are stored, so that they cannot be stolen so easily. Or borrowed from your crazy kid or neighbor that you keep turning a blind eye to.

Again, we have a shooter.

A weird guy who lived at home alone with his mom.

A former military man, who has been diagnosed with PTSD by a trained professional who was not getting proper care.

A guy who has had run-ins with the law for physical altercations, reckless traffic violations. Police called to the home by someone in the house, and from neighbors.


Here we are again:

1) Another military man enlisted, used up, fucked up, and spit out.

2) Improper mental health care

3) On local police radar for violent and physiological disturbances.

4) Ended in a mass shooting and suicide. 

Oh and where did he get his gun??

He walked into a shop and bought that motherfucker no questions asked.

Is what this man did horrific, absolutely.

Can it be forgiven by those who are victims of it, probably not.

But this man was sick. And we do not take care of our sick.

We are the richest country in the world with the biggest military and we don’t even care for the men and women who defend us.

And to top it off, we are leaving mentally ill people on the street with the means to acquire deadly weapons so that their sickness can be sprayed onto innocent victims.

Why? I have no earthy idea.

But what I do know, is that if after this (yet again), there has to be common sense gun reform. Systems put in place to limit the amount of guns an individual can store. Thorough checks to maintain that those who have the guns are truly responsible sportsmen, and/or sound minded head of houses in need of basis home defense.

Oh and for the “right to carry” people.

There were 6 off duty officers in that club, 1 of which died.

Had there been a pistol packing hero in that bar who pulled and was also a kill shot, it would not have changed the tragedy that transpired. More guns is not the problem. 

It’s the theory that if you’re yelling, and I yell louder, you’ll hear me.

It’s simply not true. We have to change our approach and mindset around keeping the world safe. 

For those innocently enjoying themselves at school, a concert, a synagogue, a bar, or wherever there may be. And for those afflicted with mental illness who need help. 

I have been innocent and I have been afflicted. 

I have given help and I have received help. 

I don’t own a gun. And neither should you. 

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