Trevor Bahnson – Time Can’t Be Wasted

McCoy Films, Stay Fly LLC, and One Push Creative are excited for the soon to be completed Short Form Music Documentary “Time Can’t Be Wasted”, centered on the life and music of Trevor Bahnson.  The film will be released later this fall at  film festivals soon to be announced.



Adult Interference: Trailer, Press Release, and Pre-Order Link

Stay Fly LLC is happy to announce that the Adult Interference Press Release, Trailer, and Pre-Order link are now avail.

Please feel free to check out the trailer here and to visit this link to Pre Order our 9/17/19 release.

AI GV Press Release

Stay Fly Secures Worldwide Distro for ADULT INTERFERENCE

Stay Fly LLC is happy to announce is has secured a Worldwide Digital Distribution deal for ADULT INTERFERENCE (kna Wild Man) starring: Ted Welch, George Dalton, Christine Wood, Mike Vogel, and Kate Upton.

The film will be released by Gravitas Ventures on September 17th 2019.

The film was written by Ted Welch & Stefanie Black. Directed by Jacquie Phillips & Stefanie Black, and Produced by Sarena Khan, Jacquie Phillips, Brain Adler and Sabyn Mayfield.

Stay Fly LLC served as the production company on the film, along with Londonderry Entertainment and Bonsai Creative.


The Curious Case of James Harden & NBA Officiating

James harden is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history. 

This is not debatable. 

He made a conscious decision to leave OKC and become the #1 option in Houston to showcase his skills to the world. 

And he’s done that.

He has made sacrifice. Shown a tireless work ethic in the weight room, and refining his offensive skill set. 

He has expanded his game behind the arc, and become such an offensive threat in the lane, that it has expanded his repertoire to a dynamic facilitator. 

And none of that will ever translate into an NBA championship.

And here’s why. 

James Harden is all about James Harden. 

Everyone aspect of his game is cultivated on how it benefits him. 

Play defense? Can’t do that, it wastes energy I need for the offensive end of the floor. 

Assist, of course. Because it offers me more opportunities to score.

Surround myself with coaches and teammates who push me to be better and hold me accountable for fundamental flaws in my approach to the game?! Absolutely Not!

James Harden does not want to be better. He does not want to be great. He wants to be The Man. 

Unfortunately, at some point during James Harden’s meteoric rise to Basketball Supremacy and MVP status, the league changed. 

More specifically, the league changed in how it refereed James Harden.

And in the process emasculated what could have potentially been the sharpening of an iron, the likes of which we’ve never seen. 

Instead, James Harden has been relegated to the biggest cry baby/flopper the league has ever seen. Followed only by his own teammate, Chris Paul. 

Now don’t get me wrong, these are word class athletes. I certainly can’t compete on the level in which they do. Nor do I have the physical skillsets in the areas they have. 

But I’m also not a pussy.  

You either have a kill or be killed mentality in your area of expertise, or you manipulate situations to your benefit. 

Case in point, James Harden is the #1 recipient of forced fouls. Defenders are constantly in retreat, because 1) James Harden is allowed to travel like he’s floating on air, and 2) because he is a master of the push off; and even the slightest contact is immediately called a foul.

And this push off is no subtle jab. It is a blatant, deliberate forearm shive. Extended. In plan sight, and an offensive foul on any other player. 

Moreover, what has become a point of contention in the second round of the western conference playoffs, is the three point “no call”. 

I have to be completely transparent, I am a 38 year old. So my upbringing in basketball dates back to the mid 80’s when the game was still played with a physicality that no longer exists. 

There is nothing more disrespectful to the game of basketball than a shooter being allowed to jump into a defender, flail his legs out, and fall directly on his ass in an attempt to draw a foul.

It is one of the most disturbingly obvious agendas and game plans ever devised. And the fact that the league has allowed this to take hold, is one of the great tragedies in sports history. 

I remember very clearly, when this trend began.

And it started with one of the most polarizing players of all time, Kobe Bryant. Now this may have begun at another place in time, or with another player, but this is my recollection of when I became aware. 

And to be fair to Mr, Bryant, it originated as the pump fake and lure the defender into you. 

It was masterful, and he sold it like water to the desert. 

It was a ploy, but it was a ploy within the context of how the game should be played. 

And then it caught on. Then is took hold, and everyone started doing it. 

To the point that even if a defender jumped straight up in the air, the shooter would hurl themselves into them, and draw the foul.

This is not basketball. 

This is the evolution of a character flaw and deterioration of the game as we know it. 

We are seeing some of the most phenomenal scorers, and and shooters, and athletes of all time, but we are seeing them play a game that has been tailor made to deter defense, and allow for exorbitant scoring reaching the 140’s.

This is asinine.   

Of course other sports have evolved to speed up the game, to protect the players, to ensure correct calls, but the protection of players does not apply to basketball. It never has. 

There is no statistical evidence that shows that any of the officiating measure that have been adopted in the last few years have done anything to ensure player safety. 

It was consciously and methodically done to turn the game into a tissue soft highlight reel. 

Metaphorically speaking, it is verging on becoming a season long version of the Pro Bowl or NBA All Star Game. Just one big fuck you to dedicated fans and the forefathers of the game. 

Again, the competition of the regular season games and playoffs is as intense as ever, but many of these games hinge on whether or not the game can be played on both ends because of the style of officiating. 

At the end of the day, the League is responsible for this.

But unfortunately James Harden has become the poster boy for this epidemic based on his high profile, and taking this style  play to an irreparable extreme. 

While this may make for a game that is more appealing to the powder puff highlight driven generation, it leaves most fans and former athletes shaking their heads and wondering how the fuck we ended up here. 

Oh, and Michael Jordan is still the greatest!!!!

Another 20 Years…

Stay Fly LLC is happy announce pre-production has begun on “Another 20 Years”. Written by Ted Welch & Sabyn Mayfield. The film will be directed and produced by Mayfield, while Welch will serves as producer and play the lead role of Sean. Tamara Todres will play the lead role of Jess. Principal Photography is slated to begin July 2019 in Nashville, TN.

Racism is alive and well….

lThis reality has escaped me for some time.

I peered at it initially when Barack Obama became President, and some of the old guard cracker-ness echoed beyond coffee talk.

Being the black sheep in communities I was raised, I was relatively unaware that these seething cauldrons of hate existed. 

I was always the token white boy. Either because of the neighborhood, or that I was a ball player and gravitated towards predominately urban culture. 

There was an even greater disparity when I moved to Malibu my sophomore year of high school, as a Tennessee transplant, slightly overweight, with a southern accent accentuated by my retainer; and middle class.

Regardless, my friends where my friends and my family was my family, regardless of their color, religion, sexual orientation or economic stature.

But things changed…

As my dear mentor Walter Hill so eloquently stated, “we have a tendency to overcorrect”, and boy have we.

As the Obama Presidency came to a close, and throughout, the wave and chants of the misperceived oppressed white man became louder and louder.

The ideas that we were taking our country back from a true democracy, respect around the world, conscious and calculated restraint of pen and tongue; as well as low cost health care, reduction in unemployment and a 8 year climb to get us out of the whole the previous administration landed us in because of a fake war.

I’m still confused about what part of that America needed to be made great again?!

The reality is, there is still a living generation, and maybe two, that holds on to the George Wallace belief systems. 

That some how the white, straight, anglo sexton population is superior and needs to “rise again”. Does this remind you of any historical mind sets? Does Nazi Germany ring a bell?!

It started with the birther movement, then it was the calculated and intentional blockade of anything Barack Obama was attempting to do by both Congress and Senate. 

When left with no other options but to use executive order “they” cried foul. That it was an abuse of power. A dictatorship. 

Then things took a turn for the worse.

The rise it mass shootings. Coupled with the disproportionate rise in shootings of young unarmed black men by police and armed civilians.

The racially driven violence in the country was reaching a fevered pitch as Donald Trump began his campaign for President.

While not spoken directly, his entire pitch was directed at the elite wealthy, and middle/lower class white that felt they were “losing” their country. When in fact they were losing opportunity they were too proud to except. 

Pride in reverse is a motherfucker. 

Then there became “marches” by white nationalist aka white supremacists, David Duke endorsements, “The Wall”, separation of parents from children who where then held in cages, to armed assaults at the border upon asylum seekers. 

Have you ever walked a few thousand miles to make your way illegally into a new country just for shits and giggles?! I doubt it. Those taking extreme measures, are fleeing for their lives.

It is easy to call asylum seekers criminal or demonize them. Blanket statements with broad strokes are easy. It keeps you from having to sort through the mess and come up with a meaningful solution made up of many parts. 

I don’t know what is more troubling to me, that racism has reared its ugly head at a time in our history where equality should be the norm. Or that this level of racism and racist were here all along. Cowering in the shadows until they had a sympathizer in the oval office whom they felt had their back while they spewed hate. 

Maybe I was ignorant. This was so far from the world I live in, that it’s still shocking to me that it’s happening and real. 

But what really spawned this piece was the Senate race in Mississippi, among other southern states. 

No matter how blatant, venomous, disgusting, ignorant and racist Cindy Hyde Smiths comments were, the narrow minded, misled, loyalist majority stood by and cast their votes for her.

To see anyone, in any state, back someone who would be so brazen as to say something that foul is beyond me. 

Lets be real though, we have all said and done things recklessly, drunk, out of anger, or behind closed doors that we would not want to get out and that certainly don’t reflect who we are in our hearts.  

But to be so fucking dense that you say something like this as a public figure representing a state and its people, and supposedly their best interests, is galaxies beyond anything I can comprehend. 

And then to double down and stand by it That takes a real iron clad set of balls, cold heart, and minuscule brain. 

The boldness of these type of folks is only enabled by their voting majority. And even the term “majority” is misleading. With gerrymandering, re-districting and the electoral college, the majority is not represented by the total number of votes cast for a particular candidate. 

Our whole system is fucked. This is nothing new. But to see the swing it’s taken, in 2018 of all years, is heart breaking. And it confirms that in one way or another our entire country and history is based on one form of oppression or another. It just depends on what side of that coin you happen to be on at any given point in time. 

But it’s time for that to change. 

Our “elected” leader at this point in time stands for nothing and everything around him is falling. There is no rallying cry. There is no joining together, one nation under God. There is strife, dissension, separation and destruction. As is the case for all the openly bigoted and racist, who coincidently all happen to be be Trump supporters. 

They are pulling the building down on themselves. Fueled by fear and draped in paper thin armor made of false bravado. It will not protect you.

For all of those who have cast their vote for Donald Trump, Cindy Hyde Smith, Brian Kemp, or the like, you have made your mark. You will be going down on the wrong side of history as the party of racisms last gasp before it was stomped out permanently. 

Love will prevail. Equality will prevail. And History will prevail in documenting your failed attempt at tarnishing our forward progress.  

Over sensitivity in the world today and our desire to be labeled with an affliction that more accurately describes the human condition.

The headline reads “David Archuleta on post-American Idol PTSD”

Now excuse me while I show a tremendous amount of restraint in not mocking Mr. Archuleta. While I am sensitive to never dismissing someones claim of a real or perceived incident or condition…..”Give me a fucking break.”

I’m sorry, I cant help myself. 

Neither can people in todays world. We are the most afflicted, diagnosed, medicated, disabled, mentally ill society that has ever been. While we have had more technological and medical advancement of any era or civilization before us, the convenience that provided has made us incapable of dealing with the world that we live in.

For instance, the way information is taught in schools has to be retaught. Why? Because any piece of information that you desire is in the palm of your hand. The need to retain is unnecessary. The internet does that for us. So how we learn and think has to be re-thought.

Now back to my point. 

We have all become so desperate to be diagnosed with an issue to explain why we are having such a tough go of it. 

The answer is simple, over stimulation. 

Mysterious illnesses are not besetting folks entirely out of context. Our insistence on applying something like PTSD on a sliding scale from someone who witnessed an entire captive congregation be decapitated in front of them, to David Archulta being overwhelmed with Reality TV fame has.

Now you can’t tell me these two diagnoses are the same. Nor should they be categorized as such.

Just like everyone who has a uniqueness to them doesn’t have Aspergers, which seems to be the new phrase to coin. 

Just because you like your room neat doesn’t mean you have OCD.

Or because you get sad sometimes, doesn’t mean you have depression.

Or have Bi Polar because you have a range of emotions.

Or you’re manic because you get a burst of energy and run around like a chicken with your head cut off.

Or that you’re a sex addict because you like to fuck.

Or that you have an eating disorder because you like to throw down sometimes when no ones around. 

I mean for Christ Sake, what the fuck is wrong with everyone?

I will say this….

I am overly qualified to comment on this, as I may or may not have been referred to as a hypochondriac.

I have 100% convinced myself that I have had a litany of disorders ranging from Urological to Septum Related. I have spent countless amounts of time and money chasing my life changing diagnosis down the rabbit whole only to find out, I’M PERFECTLY FUCKING HEALTHY.

And thank God for that. I will say that I’m a sober alcoholic and I do have a mild case of OCD, both of which I treat. It took me 37 years to accept that those 2 diagnosis, and that all the other symptoms were merely psychosomatic.

No Shit. This is a legit thing 

Sometimes you’re just stressed out.

Or you need to drink more water.

Or eat better.

Or exercise more.

Or cut back on soda.

Or ice cream.

Or maybe you’re overworked and becoming a slave to your devices or social media.

Or maybe you have forgotten how to simply detach and do something for yourself.

We all get stressed and we don’t always deal with it well. It’s human.

In fact, it’s the human condition in todays world. 

There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need a pill or a patch or a treatment or a course.

You need to chill the fuck out.

The human is meant to be feral. We run, jump, hunt, fish, swim, build, destroy, mate, gather, and on and on and on. 

But how often to we do that?


We have those who are chained material success and  trying to keep up with the Joneses.

And we have the outdoor enthusiast who have turned it into a business, and are in no way enjoying their best lives. How could they be? They’re too busy documenting it to post on their social media pages.

The happiest people you’ll ever meet have a few things in common:

  1. They probably only own a flip phone. And if they do have a smart phone, they don’t know how to use it.
  2. They don’t have social media.
  3. They will go hours or days without checking or responding to an email 
  4. They don’t have debt 
  5. They’re too busy enjoying themselves to think about sharing any of it with you, and if they are with you, they’ll probably be asking you about yourself so they’re not talking incessantly about themselves.

Try it sometime. Go out and build something. 

Get lost in the outdoors. 

Do at DIY project about the house. 

Paint a picture. 

Unplug from the world and see what it feels like to sit and just be with those who’s presence your might find yourself in.

I can assure you, it’s the only thing that turns my head off.

That’s the other thing about humans, we think. And we think too much. But think about this…

When I get away, then re-enter the hustle and bustle of where I live, I get swept right back up by all my “issues”.

Which tells me that if I disengage from the world, and the crazy goes away, then maybe the world is a crazy place not me. 

There are without a doubt countless people, places and things that are capable of causing an individual a tremendous about of stress on their system. 

And to those things I say “Fuck Em”.

What is your wellness worth to you and what lengths are you willing to go to to protect it?

For me that length is infinite, and I hope the same can be said for you.

Here We Go Again… 🔫

This isn’t about what you think it’s about…

This isn’t about the 2nd amendment

This isn’t about the right to bear arms.

This is not about freedom, America, or any other soft serving, narrow minded lip service being echoed by lobbyist, the NRA, conservatives and all the “avid” hunters who use military grade weaponry to kill animals for sport.

This is about mental illness.

This is about alcoholism and addiction.

This is about background checks, seeing & saying something, and not being the most heavily armed nation in the universe. 

Our biggest threats are cyber, but we still have people prepping for the end of days. 

You really think a 10 gallon drum of water, some MRE’s, and a mini arsenal of weapons(that you can only shoot one at a time btw) is gonna save you from an apocalyptic event, or a military level insurgency of the magnitude any local, state or government agency can unleash?

Lets stop living in the past and lets start living in the present.

Folks are still taking the bible verbatim. 

I mean really, when was the last time you met someone who lived to be a few hundred years old?? Exactly.

It was probably the last time you saw a guy fully loaded with a shooting gallery of weapons use it for anything other than some bat shit crazy massacre.

I’m a parent, I’m a son. A friend. Someone who has gone to nightclubs, school, a movie theatre, a place of worship, and every other place where these tragedies have taken place.

There is no excuse for this. It is coming closer and closer to home, if it has not already landed at your front door. 

I have lived my entire live roaming this earth completely free to go anywhere I want at any time. I’ve been to the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world, and some of the poorest most dangerous neighborhoods in the world, and I have never feared for my life. 

I have never been afraid that at any moment someone will barge in and shoot the place up. I still don’t fear that. But as a parent, I am fearing for my son who is out in the world. For my Goddaughters, for my friends and family, and all those on the planet who are victims of senseless violence.

So how do we address?

It’s simple. Guns!

I had a conversation with a friends yesterday and what I stumbled upon was this….

In the world we live in there are procedures put in place for us to acquire what we now consider basic necessities.

If you want utilities turned on at your home you have to be in good standing. Pay your bill, use the resources responsibly.

If you want a place to live you have to fill out an application, run credit and possibly background check. Pay a deposit and various things to protect the landlord.

If you want a phone, most companies run a soft credit check. 

If you want a car, you have to pass a drivers test, maintain proper insurance, get approved for a loan to finance your car, or afford your down payment, or pay for it outright and be able to maintain it.

But for items that are not necessary to the lives we live in 2018, there is ZERO procedures put in place to stockpile. 

A car is a deadly weapon if not used properly, which is why there are laws in place to protect you and those around you.

Why not with guns? 

I am not saying they should be outlawed. I do believe there are true enthusiasts and hunters, but I think there are way fewer than advertised.

I think there are mostly a bunch of blowhards who think firearms are a way of supplement their manhood. 

It’s like the guy who lives in a big city who drives the biggest 4×4 you’ve ever seen, on monster truck tires and shining rims and a Monster energy sticker, that hasn’t and never will see a spec of dirt.

Compensate much???

It’s on you to do with your resources what you want, but this goes to my view that are priorities as a nation and people is so misplaced.

We will spend millions, thousands and hundred on luxuries, and never once give a dollar to the homeless man starving. We will pay to travel thousands of a miles to do “mission” work in the name of who ever, but never would we go to the neighborhood just a stones throw from out comforts and help those in need. 

It’s fucking pathetic.

So lets get back to guns…..

What the “Right” will  say to this….”Well look what’s going on in Chicago or Baltimore.”

Jesus Christ. What a broken record. We get it. There’s gun violence there.

But that doesn’t excuse the mass shootings taking place with a frequency that has become epidemic. 

Again, no one is saying lets take guns.

We’re saying that there has to be systems in place to make sure that they are going to folks who are responsible and mentally sound. And that have the resources in place to keep them safe where they are stored, so that they cannot be stolen so easily. Or borrowed from your crazy kid or neighbor that you keep turning a blind eye to.

Again, we have a shooter.

A weird guy who lived at home alone with his mom.

A former military man, who has been diagnosed with PTSD by a trained professional who was not getting proper care.

A guy who has had run-ins with the law for physical altercations, reckless traffic violations. Police called to the home by someone in the house, and from neighbors.


Here we are again:

1) Another military man enlisted, used up, fucked up, and spit out.

2) Improper mental health care

3) On local police radar for violent and physiological disturbances.

4) Ended in a mass shooting and suicide. 

Oh and where did he get his gun??

He walked into a shop and bought that motherfucker no questions asked.

Is what this man did horrific, absolutely.

Can it be forgiven by those who are victims of it, probably not.

But this man was sick. And we do not take care of our sick.

We are the richest country in the world with the biggest military and we don’t even care for the men and women who defend us.

And to top it off, we are leaving mentally ill people on the street with the means to acquire deadly weapons so that their sickness can be sprayed onto innocent victims.

Why? I have no earthy idea.

But what I do know, is that if after this (yet again), there has to be common sense gun reform. Systems put in place to limit the amount of guns an individual can store. Thorough checks to maintain that those who have the guns are truly responsible sportsmen, and/or sound minded head of houses in need of basis home defense.

Oh and for the “right to carry” people.

There were 6 off duty officers in that club, 1 of which died.

Had there been a pistol packing hero in that bar who pulled and was also a kill shot, it would not have changed the tragedy that transpired. More guns is not the problem. 

It’s the theory that if you’re yelling, and I yell louder, you’ll hear me.

It’s simply not true. We have to change our approach and mindset around keeping the world safe. 

For those innocently enjoying themselves at school, a concert, a synagogue, a bar, or wherever there may be. And for those afflicted with mental illness who need help. 

I have been innocent and I have been afflicted. 

I have given help and I have received help. 

I don’t own a gun. And neither should you. 

I’m a Writer, not a blogger…..

In todays world, everybody wants to be somebody. 

They’re a blogger because they vent aimlessly about whatever is on their mind. 

Or about some private catastrophe they’ve overcome in their life, and need to share with the mass-less.

They’re a filmmaker because they know how to use a DSLR and Final Cut, and charge below market price for a below average product.

They’re a fighter because it’s all about machismo, and every Tom, Dick, & Harriet wants us all to think they’re a bad ass.

None of this are accurate, but at the same time maybe it is..… 

You can be anything in life you say you are, but that doesn’t mean you’re good at it. 

It means you have a title.

But as with most, and especially the generation just below mine, there is no skill set backing the claim. 

No one starts from the bottom anymore and learns their craft from multiple points of view.. 

They all want to start on the top floor and run a multimillion dollar business instantaneously. 

And if you can, good on you.

There are some who are genuinely outliers in this regard, but what has become all too common as of late, is people counting on the exception not the rule. 

There is a term I’v coined for this. It’s the “Ed McMahan Mentality”.

It’s the thought, “why should I work for anything and grind like the rest, when any minute Ed McMahon is gonna knock on my door with a giant check.” 

This is not the way it works. 

We are living in a world where people who have experienced tremendous amounts of hardship in their life, and have worked diligently in therapy to deal with it. 

Those same people have carved out very successful careers and had children.

They have handicapped these children by insulating them from the harsh realities of life, and pampered them into overly sensitive, entitled, lazy shits. 

I know that sounds harsh, but I want to smack the shit out of every young person I see like this. I don’t blame them. I blame the parents. I don’t actually really blame them either. 

The fact is, we are all imperfect. 

We are all byproducts of upbringings, some more extreme than others, by people who were damaged unknowingly by their parents. 

It’s a fact!

It isn’t an excuse, and it doesn’t justify bad behavior, manners or parenting. 

It just allows for imperfections. 

Life is a pendulum, and it is always swinging from one extreme to the other. 

Unwittingly, this pendulum of life overcorrects to account for things that were less than ideal in the generation prior. 

I have been a product of this. A sense of entitlement. A sense of feeling I was owed something because of my less than idyllic childhood. Horse Pucky!!!

Truth be told, I baby my son in many ways.

I was always there making sure he had the best of everything and felt protected and defended. I showed up. Maybe I did too much. This was more about my issues than his. 

There are some negatives to this, and I realize that.

There are also positives. The main one being, I’m not rich. 

So the practicalities of my ability to overdo were limited. 

It also helps that I’m a pusher. 

I push those around me to be better. The same way my mother did with me.

And I know at times I was very hard on my son, but I’m aware of that. 

And I tried to amend that when I knew it was coming from an overbearing place.

The point is, we are all affected in some way or another by our upbringing and that permeates into every area of our lives. 

In some ways it’s great. In others, not so much. 

But the ways in which it has manifested into the young people of the world is disturbing on so many levels to me.

We are so entitled, and selfish, and spoiled, and narcissistic, and sensitive all at the same time. 

We have a generation of young men who walk around like paper dragons, covered in tattoos that couldn’t smash a grape in a fruit fight. 

And a generation of young ladies….

Well actually, I have a son, so I don’t know much about the young women. 

From what I’ve gathered from my sons friend group, it seems to be doing pretty well.

But I’m sure they’re just as fucked up in their own ways too. 

Now keep in mind, the youth I’m exposed to through my son are incredible. 

They are kind and smart and considerate and hardworking beyond measure.

But they are the exception, not the rule.

For instance, my perception of the rules in life have been so skewed.

I thought to be a man I needed to fight, fuck, be tough, aloof, tattooed, the “bad boy”, which is complete BS.

I thought being a director meant being arrogant and flippant and superior to those around me.

I thought being a musician meant projecting an air of cockiness and flamboyance.

I thought being an athlete meant being perfect and better than everyone else.

And I thought being a writer meant I need to read a lot of books and wear cardigans, to sit at a mahogany desk in a rich wood study, and to be worldly and educated with a vocabulary beyond compare. And I was pretty sure I need to be able to type well.

But none of that is true. 

To be a man, I need to be honest, kind, charitable, present, focussed, humble and hard working, no matter what the job may be.

I needed to be a communicator and support those around me, and lean on them for their area of expertise without feeling threatened.

I needed to be open and willing to look foolish. To be embarrassed and sweaty and uncomfortable, but do it anyway.

And I needed to fail, time and time again, and work on the things that I found challenging.

And as far as being a writer goes, I just had to speak from the heart, in the voice that is uniquely mine.

That is what sets each of us apart. 

That we are distinctly suited to represent ourselves in a way that is most authentic. 

Not what you think you need to be, or who you need to be, or what the avatar the digital realm projects as success.

Keeping up with the Jones’ is a listless endeavor. 

It implies that to be something or someone you have to compete with thy neighbor. 

You do not. Nor do I.

But I had to sit.

Sit with my thoughts and block out all the minutia of “life” that tries to pull focus. 

None of this is pressing, it is simply a distraction to create an illusion that you are being productive. 

Busy and productive are two completely different things. Be sure to know the difference. 

I sure do. I learned it by diluting myself into thinking I was being affected.

Which I was, but not where it counted. And not in ways that were fulfilling me. 

While my nature has been to avoid the challenges and focus on what I am naturally good at. 

It is a fleeting satisfaction.

The most valuable asset I have is my time and energy.

And knowing that I’ve spent them on worthwhile ventures is immeasurably more satisfying than the “busy” work that can lead me astray.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

And to be, I’ve had to figure out what I’m not to figure out what I am.

And what I am, is all that you are. 

The difference is, I have to work at it!

A Life Lived In Segments

I just wanted to share a little something I’ve been working on for a while….

A Life Lived in Segments V2